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Set de Brackets Ceramic Roth Lightt®

*$1,000.00 *$600.00

*Precios antes de IVA

Arcos NI-TI Econoline® redondo paq. c/10 pzas.

*$115.63 *$70.53

*Precios antes de IVA

Set de tubos Econoline® ROTH bondable

*$154.18 *$80.17

*Precios antes de IVA

Alam. NI-TI Rollo Stylus®

*$430.41 *$236.73

*Precios antes de IVA

Kit resina foto Stylus® Ak-Kim-Pech®

*$629.57 *$377.74

*Precios antes de IVA

Rotation Clear (paq. c/10 pzas.) USA

*$70.67 *$35.34

*Precios antes de IVA

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Set de Brackets Lightt® Standard

*$165.73 *$97.78

*Precios antes de IVA

Set de Brackets Classic Mini 2G Roth Stylus®

*$599.00 *$341.43

*Precios antes de IVA

Paq. Módulo Short c/20 varas

*$204.29 *$98.06

*Precios antes de IVA

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About us

We are a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the commercialization of dental medical devices mainly in orthodontics, hygiene and motivational.

Since 1994, in Ah-Kim Pech®, we’ve been offering to our customers the highest quality in our products and services, that’s for the development of our brands, achieving the position as the best dental products company specialized in orthodontics in México, that’s why we are certified whit the highest quality international standards such as the ISO 90001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

Over the years, we have developed our brands, focusing on satisfying the needs of our consumers and raising their expectations, always having as premise, our principal value “Innovation”, that’s why, we have a broad range of products like: Brackets, Arches, Tubes, Bands, between other products, specialized in orthodontics as STYLUS®, FLEXX®, ECONOLINE® y LIGHTT®, such as motivational products whit the brand TOYZ®.

We also have the exclusive distribution of Myobrace®, Orthopli® and Colgate® products, and most recently Tree-Oss® leading brand in implantology, what distinguishes us in the market as a company capable of generating the confidence of our commercial partners in our products and services.

Thanks to our customers preference, AH-KIM-PECH®, has become a world-class successful company, that provides stability, inclusion, and development opportunities for Mexican families, qualities that have managed to position us as a proud member of MEM (Mejores Empresas Mexicanas).

Slava Yurthev Copyright